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Growing Energy Labs Incorporated (Geli)

Main company website at: Geli home page

Privately held Geli, founded in San Francisco, CA is short for Growing Energy Labs, Inc., develops software to integrate, network, and economically operate energy storage systems. Increasingly referred to as, “the Microsoft of distributed energy solutions”, the company provides dynamic software solutions make real time decisions based on the price of power and energy in addition to the electrical status and activity of the grid and other system components. Its software performs these actions on the energy storage system itself for local optimization and within the context of a micro grid, smart building, renewable energy installation, or electric vehicle infrastructure.

In this way and perhaps for many for the first time, distributed energy solutions such as PV solar with and without battery storage move a significant forward in being to communicate the value of power in real time sending power to local electric utilities from varied and decentralized distributed energy installations within a given electrical utility grid section. This allows the owners of distributed energy sources to fully participate in utility demand response programs along with being able to capture the full and optimal functionality of PV solar, wind and energy storage. For electric utilities this means increasingly using customer owned decentralized energy generating systems as a means to offset the constant need to build new and vulnerable grid infrastructure while buying power locally as an option over outside time of demand power markets.

The company licenses its software to OEMs, energy finance companies, and solution providers so they can integrate energy storage into their solutions for microgrids, smart buildings, renewable energy installations, and electric vehicle infrastructure.

Software solutions page at:  Geli operating software for distributed energy solutions 

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 10.19.19 PM

Pictured here is a Geli software monitoring and interface box connected to a distributed battery storage array. The company’s software platforms not only the full operational monitoring of the batter storage array but allows allows the storage equipment to become linked to the local electric utility’s operating grid wherein its power can be taken under several varying demand response scenarios.