What the recent mid-term elections mean for clean energy

US Capitol Courtesy AOC
US Capitol Courtesy AOC

With last week’s 2014 mid-term election results beginning to fade in the rear view mirror, attention turns to a host of issues from health care to tax reform which will be put into play over the next two years. While little attention has been given to energy issues in general during the election and clean energy in particular, the Republican majority will mean major changes in these areas. Recently, Greentech Media’s, “The Energy Gang” contributors energy futurist Jigar Shah, energy policy expert Katherine Hamilton and Greentech Media Editor Stephen Lacey provided their views on the 2014 mid-terms with their “Election Special: What the Republican Takeover Means for Clean Energy”.

While energy issues of all types are national in scope, The Energy Gang offers some unique perspective on election results in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania where incumbent Republican Governor Tom Corbett lost to Democrat Tom Wolf by more than 325,000 votes, one of the worst defeats for a standing governor and a first in Pennsylvania since the 1960s. Corbett, stung by a backlash over cuts to education funding and his aggressive promotion of hydraulic fracking in the state combined with his refusal to enact a traditional severance tax on oil and gas operators, was perhaps the highest and almost only notable defeat of last Tuesday’s election night for the Republican Party.

With Democrat Wolf shortly set to take over the governorship in Pennsylvania, will energy issues, particularly in high density population of eastern Pennsylvania take a new direction? As a key member of the Pennsylvania New Jersey and Maryland (PJM) grid operator state, the region faces a host of energy issues ranging from energy storage, energy efficiency, continued installations of PV solar, solar hot water and wind along critical requirements in mass transit.

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